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Can I trial Contact Lenses?

Absolutely! Come speak to one of our Optometrists who’ll be happy to support you through an in-store trial at no cost.

Will my Contact Lenses get lost behind my eye?

Don’t worry, it’s physically impossible to lose a contact lens ‘behind your eye’. A membrane covering your eye prevents anything, including contact lenses from getting behind it.

What is the price of contact lenses?

Depending on each product, contact lens prices may vary, However, an average pair costs less than a coffee a day. 

Do I need to change my Contact Lenses if they feel fine?

Changing your contact lenses on schedule is very important. As your contact lenses reach the end of their specified life, they attract deposits from your eyes, hands and the environment. This may affect the lens surface, causing irritation and disrupting your vision.

How do I take care of Contact Lenses?

Cleaning and storing contact lenses is super easy and takes very little time, particularly if you have daily disposable lenses Our team will show you everything you need to know on how to care for your contact lenses. 

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