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Standard Eye Test

The standard eye test is bulk billable for eligible Medicare card holders*. It involves eye tests carried out at various distances to help identify issues with day-to-day vision, and includes professional advice on eye health as well as the best way to address any problems using glasses, contacts or sunglasses. 
Time: 30 minutes
Cost: Bulk billable for eligible Medicare card holders and services.

Eye Health Plus

Every Laubman & Pank eye test checks your vision. You’ll also undergo Digital Retinal Photography, a powerful tool that helps optometrists detect serious eye diseases including glaucoma, macular degeneration and retinal changes that may be associated with diabetes.
Time: Around 30 minutes

Gap payment: $30*

Eye Health Extra

The Eye Health Extra includes Visual Field Screening and an Ultra Wide Digital Retinal Scan (photography) that is 4x wider than a standard Digital Retinal Scan, revealing far more of the retina and blood vessels to assist with early detection of ocular and general health issues that relate to retinal changes. The Optos Daytona Ultra Wide Digital Retinal Scan is available in most Laubman & Pank stores. Comparing scan results year after year helps optometrists detect subtle changes in your retina.
Time: Around 30 minutes

Gap payment: $75*

Eye Health Total Care

Benefit from all the tests, scans and screenings with our Eye Health Extra package, with the added reassurance of an Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) exam that looks deep below the visible surface of the eye to reveal the hidden layers beneath, along with any issues that would be very hard to detect early without this ground-breaking technology. OCT exams are available in limited Laubman & Pank stores.
Time: Around 60 minutes

Gap payment: $120*

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