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Ultra-wide digital retinal scan is available at Laubman & Pank Optometrists* 

We take eye health to another level. That’s why we’ve invested in leading-edge technology to ensure you have the very best chance of detecting general health issues or eye conditions.

How does the Ultra-Wide Digital Retinal Scan work?

An Ultra-Wide Digital Retinal Scan gives us a huge 200° range within a single scan – four times more than a Digital Retinal Scan. The examinations are just as easy and fast, and you will not need eye drops in most cases.

What can we see with the ultra-wide scan?

An Ultra-Wide Digital Retinal Scan captures an image covering more than 80% of your retina. If this delicate lining at the back of your eye is damaged, it may affect your vision. The scan helps us identify any issues and also reveals any blood vessel abnormalities that could indicate early signs of disease.

When to have a retinal scan?

We recommend having an eye scan regularly depending on your eye health needs. This scan is perfect if you are at risk of a retinal detachment or tear. It can also pick up ‘moles’ on your retina, which need to be monitored and checked regularly just like any other moles on your body, to make sure there are no changes. If you’re not sure which scan is right for you, just talk to one of our Optometrists in store.

*Not available at Laubman & Pank Rockingham, Forest Lakes and Karrinyup. 

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