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Anti-reflective Coatings

Benefits of Anti-Reflective Coatings

Anti-reflective coating reduces glare, reflections and it actually improves the clarity of the lens and makes cleaning a breeze. The coating also:

  • Reduces scratches, so you don't need to clean your lenses as often.
  • Helps repel dust particles through its anti-static properties.
  • Means water droplets slide off the lens more easily.

Available Anti-reflective Coatings 

  • INVISIBLES ULTRA® – Lens coating that protect against scratches, reflections, smudges and water.
  • INVISIBLES® UV/CRIZAL® UV – All the benefits of Invisibles Ultra whilst also limiting damaging UV rays passing through the surface of the lens as well as those reflecting off the back surface of the lens into your eyes.
  • INVISIBLES® BLUE/CRIZAL® PREVENCIA – All the benefits of Invisibles UV whilst also filtering the amount of Blue-Violet light that reaches the retina. Recommended for users of digital devices.
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