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Choosing the perfect frame.

Finding your perfect glasses is about choosing frames that suit the shape of your face, your personality, the colours you wear and your personal style. With so many options available today, this task can be tricky. That’s why at Laubman & Pank Optometrists we have in-house eyewear stylists in all our stores to help you select the glasses or sunglasses that best suit you.
In addition to trained eyewear stylists, we also have a virtual tool to ensure you get the right glasses with the right fit for your face.
Fitting the glasses to your face.
Take advantage of Laubman & Pank’s, complimentary 3-step AccuFit™ process and see how easy it is to get the right prescription glasses for your needs.

Step 1: Finding the right frame

Our trained in-house eyewear stylists will assist you in finding the right frame for your face shape and style. We will work with you to understand your lifestyle, your personal style and what you are looking for when choosing a pair of new glasses.

Step 2: Finding the right lenses

Our Lens Simulator shows you how different lenses and coatings will look, using interactive ‘before and after’ imagery. If you’ve ever been offered specialist lenses or lens coatings, without being sure what effect they’ll have, this makes the decision much easier.

Step 3: Finding the right fit

Our AccuFit™ Fit Sensor positions your prescription lenses to your pupils to within 0.1mm for best performance. It attaches to your frames to get precise measurements of your face and eyes, which are analysed to determine the optimum placement. The resulting fit is clearer and more precise than anything we've used before.

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