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Wearing your glasses for the first time

Single vision lenses

These lenses are set for one power only. So it’s normal if they feel a little strange at first. Everything will look clear but you may find it hard to judge distances. Things may also look a little bigger or smaller than normal. Certain lenses can even change your perception of shapes and objects so they look taller or wider than you are used to.  These effects are usually short lived but it’s always best to try your glasses at home first until you feel perfectly comfortable with your new and improved vision. 

Progressive lenses

These lenses give you the convenience of seeing clearly at any distance. Never worn progressive lenses? You can test your distance vision easily by looking straight ahead.
In order to focus on closer objects such a computer screen, try to lift your chin slightly whilst looking at your monitor. When you’d like to read something, simply drop your gaze so you’re using the bottom part of your lens. 

Progressive lenses work best when you point your nose at what you are looking. The rest will fall into place. Just give yourself some time to practice with your new glasses and before you know it becomes second nature. 

Bi-focal Lenses

Bifocal lenses have two distinct parts so you can see clearly in the distance and up-close. If you are new to bifocals then just look straight ahead for clear distance vision. By dropping your gaze and looking through the bifocal segment you can comfortably read.

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